The Merchant of Venice

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Well, this is a little piece that was put together for some Year 9 thing with Mr Isham… If you don’t know the story of The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare, I don’t blame you, but here it is, in super-concatenated form:

Bassanio (Benny L), wants to marry the Princess Portia (Amy S). Unfortunately, he’s broke, and talks to his friend Antonio (Jack S), who can’t lend him any money because all his ships are out at sea. So, together, they go to the money-lender Shylock (Joel G), who then lends Bassanio the money he needs to go and marry Portia with the condition that if Antonio doesn’t return the money by a specified date, then Shylock will be free to take a pound of Antonio’s flesh. Money in hand, Bassanio sets out for Portia’s palace with his friend Gratiano (Joel G) in tow.

Anyway, Portia has this deal where she can only be married to the person that chooses the right casket from gold, silver, and lead. The Prince’s of Morocco (Joel G) and Aragon (Jack S) choose gold and silver, respectively, and therefore cannot marry the princess. However, Bassanio chooses the right box, and gets to marry Portia. Gratiano also marries Portia’s servant, Nerissa (Karla V).

Soon after, Bassanio recieves a letter from Antonio that says Shylock is about to cut his pound of flesh. Bassanio and Gratiano leave immediately, to help out Antonio.

Things get heated in the court debate, where, long story short, Portia in disguise says that Shylock can only take the flesh of Antonio, not his blood.

Portia and her assistant then reveal themselves to Bassanio and Gratiano, who are amazed, etc, etc, and they all live happily ever after. The End.

Shocking acting and editing, but we got A’s, thank goodness. Part 2 can be seen here.

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