Garageband: Music Excellence

Garageband MP3’s, as created by Year 7, 2003! (The current Year 12, 2008) A real blast from the past.

Bear in mind that these were done when were were little folk, so I apologise if what you hear is utter rubbish. Most of it isn’t, though, so go ahead! Relive those memories!

Unfortunately, if your particular Garageband isn’t there, I apologise profusely. It has probably been lost in the ether, but one of these days I’ll wander into the music room, and see if I can find any other hidden gems. Yeah, I know I’m missing a lot. These were the only ones I could find that were completed!

If you see any mistakes in the naming of things, or just want to submit your own garageband track, email me: admin [dot] freshbytes [at] gmail [dot] com

Where possible, I’ve put the authors’ first name and their initial, but where you see a ? means that I don’t know which Jack it is. Email me if you know who made it.

I’ll stop blabbing on, so here they are, in alphabetical order:

Adam vS and Levi C
Ben S
Benny L
Cassie E and April C
Chris J and Martin P
Dave L
Isaac H and Daniel B
Jack ?
Jack ? and Tom P
Jillian H and Karla V
Kaitlyn M and Katherine R
Mahala R and Ellen M
Rob M 1
Rob M 2
Rob M and Joe W
Rowan S
Rowan S and Tim C
Tim C and Jimmy C

One last one:

The Twisted Orangutang Song
(Author Unknown)

Really, the guy/gal who made the Twisted Orangutang Song has pure musical genius – even if it is just a bunch of loops.

Listen to them if you get the chance, they’re are truly great.

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