Once upon a time we were a peaceful tribe. We lived off the land and had a simple life in the company of our spoons.Then one day a bad demon came from far away to purge our lands and destroy our people. This demon, called Spork, forcefully took our beloved spoons from us. Spork intended to replace all spoons with the invention called “spork”, named after himself.

Spoons and other utensils were outlawed. The “spork” became the dominant force in the land. Soon spoons were something of a myth.

Many centuries have passed since Spork came into our lands and robbed us of our spoons. We have since become angry and violent, pilliging villages and conquering cities in search of a simple spoon. We have since learned that our life force flows in the spoons and without them we have become monsters. Our judgement has been clouded and we will not stop until we recover all the spoons that were taken from us by the evil Spork.

Beware. Let this serve as a warning. We will not rest, we will not eat, untill we have our spoons returned to us.

Nothing will stop us.

You have been warned…

No, you don’t have to bring your computers to some obscene location in the middle of nowhere; you don’t have to pay for anything, no, these gaming sessions are from the comfort of your own home!

So, if you have nothing to do from the hours of 8pm-12am on a Friday night, then come join us for a round of GunGame in Condition Zero. We’ll probably be on GamingSA CZ #2. For those who just cannot make it then, we usually  game on the Saturday night after that, as well – same time, same place.

Lately we haven’t had time for CZ because the latest and greatest have dragged us away kicking and screaming, literally!  Left 4 Dead has become the new focus of our lives, apart from Uni/Tafe/Work.

Join us on the Internode TeamSpeak server, and you can have a chat to us as we game!

Get a client here, and join as your TeamSpeak server. If you don’t know how to use TeamSpeak or just need more info, contact us.

For those (still) in the dark without a spoon to guide them, you can visit our Steam Community page here.

Most of the blog posts that are in the “Tech” category contain varying amounts of ((NS)) infomation, including which games we play, which servers we populate, and when. The who, however, can be found here.

Other stuff:

Photos from DEETS 07 – a Calvin LAN before the time of ((NS)), we had huge amounts of fun.

Photos from NoSpoon at Benny’s 2008 – another day, another NoSpoon LAN…

LAN 22/08/2009

Check back often for updates.

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