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So, this is the collection of sites which are cool. Some of ‘em are made by fellow Taswegians, others by people unknown. Who cares, really. We like em, so we posted ‘em here for your enjoyment!

On with the show:
This is a hand-coded site made by our good friend and mentor, Robert Kingston. If you don’t know him, he is a computer programmer based out of Devonport (ha!) and has won an Xbox 360 and a Scooter/Vespa, for his Lego creations. Too bad they were gifts from Microsoft, to date he has had at least 2 Blue Screens of Death. How exactly do you get a BSOD on a Vespa?
Another site made by a good friend, turkey, demonstrates a handcoded website – no mean feat when you have limited time. For what it is – it is great, but not much else. A better bet would be to visit his forum, C’mon, turkey – get some of the PHP on!
Oh wait, you’re too busy studying chaos theory/string theory/finding the theory of eveything.
This is a site made by a fellow MacTalk-er, Ricky Damelio. Apart from being one of Benny’s friends, he also is profficient in a handful of computer programming languages and designs/codes cool Mac-only software in his spare time. He is based out of Melbourne, and hey, if Macs are good enough for the Mossad*, they’re good enough for him!
(*For more details, please see NCIS Season 3, Episode 6 [or 7, I can't remember.])
Benny Ling’s Bling – A website coded entirely in iWeb, a program included as part of the iLife suite of programs, and one that comes with every new Mac. Apart from containing a small blog about Work Experience 2006, as well as the Science and Engineering Competition at Tamworth in 2006, it demonstrates how easy it is to create your own website with iLife and a Mac. Get a Mac – see Benny for more details.
A small mini-site. If you don’t know what/where the main site is, you probably shouldn’t be reading this…

BWS Online
Ah yes, the forum that started it all. Freshbytes is [loosely] based on BWS Online, and that’s all there is to say. If you were part of BWS Online before, great, if not, you didn’t miss out! Join Freshbytes today!

The Youth Group’s website. Run by Dean Todd from Kingorough Life Church, Radi8 is the coolest website around for the Youth of Kingborough and beyond… Feel free to ask Benny for more details if you’re interested.

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