Feb 26

Mac OSX Jam!

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Just saw the funniest thing on the internets; check it out for yourself!

It’s a song made from sounds only found in Mac OSX. Awesome!

But wait, there’s more! Check out the one that was made entirely from Windows 98 and XP sounds!

Windows 98 and XP Jam!

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Feb 24

So, this is a rant. A rant about duty. If you know me, please don’t get offended.

So what if I don’t feel like doing work – I’m sure you’ve all felt this before. It’s definitely because I’m far too lazy to empty the trash, mum, or because I just can’t be stuffed vacuuming my room, dad. No, it’s none of that – I just can’t be stuffed at that particular moment…

Heard it all before? Yeah, I know you have. But when push comes to shove, I’m not one to shirk my duty. I know if I have to do something, even if I don’t like it. Sure, I’ll moan, and I’ll complain like nothing else, but I’ll do it, grudgingly. If Sharon tells me to mop the floor, I’ll damn well mop the floor! I’ll soon come to realise, though, that I’m not doing jobs just for the hell of it, I’m doing them to help out other people. This usually puts a warm fuzzy feeling in me (unless I hate that person) and I start enjoying jobs! WOW! Sometimes, though, you just don’t want to do THAT particular task at THAT particular time – because you’ve just found an awesome site online, are having a deep and meaningful chat with a friend, or just following a wiki trail…

To all those who have done this before, don’t do it any longer. Sure, that friend will be online some other day. Sure, another wiki trail will come along, as will an awesome web site. The thing is, what have you lost by NOT doing the task when you were asked to? Nothing in the eyes of your parents; they’re your parents and therefore obliged to love you. Perhaps nothing in the eyes of your friends, they couldn’t care less. But in the eyes of your co-workers? Your pastor? Your teachers?

Bottom line is, if someone asks me to do something, I’ll do it as best as I can. I’m not one to make your decisions for you, but if you know right from wrong, you’ll know the answer as well as I do. Just be human enough to get over yourself and do your duty – as you should!

Thoughts? You know were to put ‘em. (Put ‘em in comments, in case you didn’t/don’t know.)

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Feb 11

From washed-out games to poor performances, the typical cricket-loving Australian has seen it all. In the first 4 games of the One Day Series.

Having just watched the great 4th match of the series, I can say that we *really do* have a good series. Sri Lanka may not be playing at their best, as was shown in the 3rd match, but given time (I.e a few matches), they will be up to scratch. India are well and truly flying, and would be way out in front on the leader board if it wasn’t for the washed-out games. Australia are stuck, kinda. Their side was not at all bad for the 4th match, but it needed another specialist batsman. They could have done with Hogg, if the Indians had shown the wicket to spin, which was not the case. Anyway, back to 1 week ago…

All was well and good, both sides looked promising in the first game, India especially so. After the farcical Sydney test, India deserved to have a bit of luck playing Australia with a good looking young team. India had Australia on the backfoot, thanks to some wonderful bowling by Sharma and Patan. If it wasn’t for the rain, Australia probably would have lost that match. However, it was a great ‘practice’ session for India.

The same can be said for the second match, except that it was Sri Lanka’s warmup match. Sri Lanka were on the backfoot, thanks to a great ton by Gambhir. That was well worth watching, however, it was VERY disappointing to see that the game was washed out after the tea break. And that ‘CRAP’ that Nine (Win) put on during that time of regular updates regarding that match, was appalling. There is crap, and then there is pure sh**. But that’s not what I’m talking about, and that’s another issue for another day.

Fast forward to the 3rd match. Australia were looking great, and Sri Lanka were looking bad. A bit of a turn-off game, rather boring. So much for competition. The first match without rain, and it was BORING.

And then there was today’s match. It was worth watching from the very 1st Over, when Gilly got out (to a rather dubious-looking LBW decision). It wasn’t crap batting that rocked the Australians, but the great bowling of Ishant Sharma and Sreesanth that rocked Australia. Sharma has been the one to watch for India, anyone who saw any of the Test series would know this. This guy is incredibly young, and can bowl exceptionally well. At 19, he is almost no older than some of us! Imagine that, going on a tour of a foreign country at that age! Anyway, the Australians went down (batting-wise) without a fight, to be honest. India started off attacking when they batted, until Tendulkar got out to a freakish catch by Lee. The young Indian batsman, Rohit Sharma, and the captain Dhoni steered India home from a very sticky situation (being 5/102 at one stage, with no hope of scoring runs).

Here is some suggestions for the Australian selectors to consider (seriously):

1. Drop Punter. He is not in form, he probably needs a rest, and it would be great to see Gilly captain in the Perth ODI.

2. If Hogg isn’t going to be an addition to the 11-man squad, then consider a proper paceman to cover somebody else (Clarke). Stuart Clarke is not a ODI bowler. He is a bloody good Test bowler, however. I think it is time to see some new blood in the squad (*HILFY*!!!)

3. Bring in some new blood. Seriously. Do what the Indians are doing, cause they look promising. And they are delivering too.

4. Give Gilly a bowl. Please! One of the Nine (Win) commentators suggested this back at the Adelaide Test. Considering Hadden is in the squad, you could always give him the gloves…

Anyway, I praise India for what they have done so far this summer. I not only wish for them to continue it, but I want them to *beat* Australia in this Tri-Series. They should do it for cricket. Anyway, who wants to see one team dominating the cricket? It’s just no fun without competition…

Chris Jacques


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