NoSpoon at Benny’s?!

And here we are, dear reader: another day, another NoSpoon LAN. This time, it was held at Benny’s – who’s place has been proven time and time again to be a viable option for those wishing to game sans spoon. Enjoy!

James G’s computer managed to show the Blue Screen of Death on command. Impressive!

How to setup a LAN – neat cables, trestle tables, etc

Shaun the Gamer – with his extremely funky keyboard!

Disclaimer: the following photos were not taken at Benny’s NoSpoon event, rather, they were taken at a previous event that happened at Marty’s…before we played sans spoon.

A pyramid made of Solo cans. Just goes to show how much we drink at these things!

How NOT to setup a LAN – spaghetti, and not the edible kind…

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