LAN 22/08/2009

On the 22nd of August Benny, Shaun, James G, Turks, Reuben, Erin, Alan and Darth all showed up at the Kingston Reformed Church for an evening of LAN fun!

We started with Left 4 Dead Versus mode, which turned into a flogging cause some of the teams were unbalanced.  Nevertheless we had fun with that and credit to the floggee’s for not rage-quitting.

After the L4D session we all decided to migrate to some Halo, despite objections from Turks.  After being beaten fasr to often by Shaun we somehow started to ignore the guns and focus on running each other over.  After some more time we moved onto racing, no holes bared!  The only rule was to start at the Blue base, go around the Red base and into the Blue base, straight through the front door!  This was quite hilarious and often resulted in quite a few cars in the base.  Enjoy the pics!

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