The Virtual Game

Calvin: The Movie(s)!

This was a little piece done for Multimedia back in Year 9, when we were stuck for ideas and had nothing better to do with our time. Thus, the Virtual Game was born, back in the days when gingerkids were cool, and Benny was even cooler…

The (far simplified from reality) storyline goes a little like this:

BLING (Benny L) is stuck inside a Virtual Game. To escape, he has to fight people, in different “Levels”.

Level 1: Bling vs The Thing (Tom P)
Level 2: Bling vs Megalomania (James H)
Level 3: Bling vs The Hybrid Thing (Jack S)
Level 4: Bling vs Montgomery (Jason V) and Shirley the Motherboard
Level 5: Bling vs Jack D (Jack D)

Also starring: Karla V (The Final Prize ;) )

Okay, so we didn’t have that much imagination, or any ‘real’ camera skills… What we did have was more corny stuff than you could have ever possibly imagined… The music isn’t too bad either!

Shocking acting and editing, but we got A’s, thank goodness. Part 2 can be seen here.

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