Apr 18

Yeah, 2nd Tech post in a day – if you’re wondering what is going on, read on… Otherwise, game on!

When it comes to internet in Australia, there is only one person that has all the info. That person is Simon Hackett, the current CEO of both Internode and Agile. Simon’s work in the area of Australian Broadband access is nothing short of extraordinary, and his blog reflects his thoughts.

Apart from being CEO of two of the best Internet-related companies in Australia (Yeah, we do love you, Cisco), Hackett is also a Mac user – which just makes this blogger respect him even more.

Recently, he has posted an article about the current state of Fibre-To-The-Node, a fast broadband access plan for all Australians. Unfortunately, this plan by the government has some major flaws, and over at his blog, he posts a slideshow of why it isn’t the optimal plan for improving broadband speeds in Australia.

Read all about it here: An Inconvenient Truth about FTTN.

Original post credit to MacTalk Australia. Their post can be found here.

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