Misc: Random Games + Other Miscellaneous Stuff…

Well, here is the one stop shop for all games and so on…

Tell you what, it’d be cool if you posted your high scores for the games in comments…

Games, in alphabetical order: (Scroll down for Movies)

Bowman 2
Choose Your Weapon 2
The Classroom
The Classroom 2
Clear Vision
Clear Vision 2
The Crimson Room
Elite Tower Defence
Flash Sonic
NEW! Free Rider 2
Gravity Launch
The Impossible Quiz
Kitty Cannon
Madness Interactive
Matrix Bullet-Time
Max Dirt Bike
Mini Putt Putt
Pingu 1
Pingu 2
The Red Button
Sift Heads 1
Sift Heads 2
Sift Heads 3
Stick Strike
Stunt Dirt Bike
Tower Defence
Unreal Flash
Xiao 4
Xiao 9
Zombie Quiz

Movies, in alphabetical order:

Animator vs Animation
Animator vs Animation 2

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10 Responses to “Misc”

  1. 1. Benny Ling Says:

    Guys, you can FINALLY leave your high-scores in this page here – just make sure you name which game the high-score is for :P

    Happy gaming, and apologies this took so long to implement!

  2. 2. Marty Says:

    finished flash portal!

  3. 3. Benny Ling Says:

    Madness Interactive – 14.15% Rating

    I’ll try and remove the posts that get beaten – so you can quickly see who’s holding what record for which games.

  4. 4. shauny Says:

    32 mini putt putt

  5. 5. shauny Says:

    haha 822.4 pingu 2

  6. 6. marty Says:

    317.9 pingu 1

  7. 7. james Says:

    2099 feet on kitty cannon, i kid you not

  8. 8. marty Says:

    233 avoider

  9. 9. turkeybrain Says:

    2128 on Kopter

  10. 10. marty Says:

    crimson room in 2 mins 10 secs