Apr 27

It’s not all bad, is it? :p

We’ll start from the start, then.

To be perfectly honest, the cover is a little bland. Okay, so more than a little bland. It’s downright ugly and boring, in my opinion. Compared to past year’s covers, it’s pretty boring. Enough about the cover, though, otherwise we’ll be here all night…

No, the cover wasn’t the worst thing about the Magazine – not even close. Nor it is the fact that there is no spine design, just an inky blackness. Rather, it’s the brutal inconsistency that runs like a plague throughout the entire 128 pages.

Consistency is the key factor here, folks. Without it, there is no sense of “yeah, this all reads like the same book”, or, “yeah, this magazine looks and feels the same throughout”. Consistency in any publication is what will make it have a sense of balance, and without it, that balance just isn’t there.

Sure, some factors of the magazine display some semblance of consistency – the gold stripes adorning the top and bottom of each page are fantastic examples of this, as are the page numbers (something that should damned well be consistent anyway).

It’s the non-consistencies that break it – the different font sizes, different fonts themselves, the rounding/non-rounding of photos, the different placements of photos, etc, etc. The list goes on! At some points, it’s like the pages themselves have markedly different designs – from where the pictures are placed, where the text is, and to how the page is “styled” – from page to page, it’s remarkably different – and not in a good way, either.

So, who to blame? I suppose part of the problem (and definitely the cause of each page looking different) is that each page is “done” individually – while there’s a “page template” (using the loosest definition of the word), there is no “style guide”, or at least not one that is strictly adhered to. Someone works on a page without any input from anyone else, and then declares the page “finished” when he/she is satisfied that it looks okay. Then, they proceed to work on another page – without referring back to the previous page for what that looked like, and so on and so forth. It’s no surprise that each page looks different…

I suppose the “doing each page individually” methodology would work if there was just one person working on the magazine as a whole – that way, that person would know how each page was styled, and could stick to a “routine” when doing the pages. But damn, I’d hate to be that one person – talk about a lot of work! :o I suppose it would be okay if all the content was provided for you – all pictures greyed and named, etc.

What also doesn’t help is the fact that the “editing” process mucks around with the page itself – removing photos when all the other photos are of lesser quality doesn’t help.

Ah, whatever. Hopefully all those days are behind me now – time for some fresh faces to step up to the plate.

You’ll notice that I used a lot of quote marks in this post – what I’ve said inside them doesn’t necessarily reflect what their actual meanings are. By this, I mean that the “editing” process isn’t necessarily just fixing typos.

Comments below.

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Mar 13

Christian Perspectives 2008: Reflections

Well, camp is over for another year. The thing about Christian Perspectives that always gets me is the fact that it isn’t a REAL camp as such; no sleeping under the stars, no telling tall tales in the flickering light of the campfire, no cooking your own food and then getting poisoned. What Mrs Laning says is true – it’s a study camp, for Year 11’s and 12’s at Calvin to absorb some Christian Perspectives.

Anyways, after the gruelling one and a half hour bus ride up – people wanted greasies, whatever they are – it was back into the usual activities, where snooker/pool made a popular comeback, as did air hockey and fusball. Basketball was also popular. Others still retreated to their rooms to set up their gear and what-not.

Sessions were the order of the day, and after each session, there was morning/afternoon tea, a little bit of mucking around (with the obligatory cricket, fusball, pool, and basketball) and then another session. Rinse and repeat.

The speaker, Eric Wickmann was actually entertaining, keeping our attention with magic tricks that stunned all. I now know that there are actually FOUR types of people in the world – Beavers, Otters, Lions, and Golden Retrievers. His talk was based on “ASK”: Attitude, Skills, Knowledge. Having the right attitude, and the right skills only got you two thirds of the way. You had to have the knowledge to be able to use your attitude and skills in the right way – or else it just didn’t work. Or something like that anyway – I wasn’t exactly taking notes.. But maybe I should have!

A trip to the beach was the conclusion of activities for day one – where beach cricket, swimming, and beach volleyball reigned! – and after another session, dinner, and The Italian Job, we went to sleep, and that was it.

Bright and early the next morning, the early bird students had showers. The rest slept in. A session, followed by morning tea, another session, and lunch. Then it was down for another trip to the beach, where people enjoyed a game of beach cricket, beach volleyball, or just swam and sunbaked. Can anyone say ‘perfect’ like I can? I don’t mean the beach, nor the games, swimming, or the sunbaking…

Then it was back to base where there was another session. Free time followed, including the obligatory fusball, pool, and basketball. People started getting dressed for Fluoro night, and after some guys were spotted in inside-out dresses, well, it got to the point where it was pretty much anything goes. The Men-In-Black made an appearance, deciding to wear black clothes – we were the outcasts, for sure.

Fluoro night was an outstanding success, where Captain Fluro (Nathan Bosker) made an appearance, as did Used-Car-Salesman Tom de Hoog, Least-Effort James Goodricke, Councilman Ashley Page, plus People’s Choice Awardees Alex Hunt, Grace Campbell-Atkins, and some others…

After the novelty of Fluoro night had worn off, we had some concert items – Liam played and sung two songs for us, cat /dev/urandom piped to /dev/audio, as well as just cat /dev/urandom. It was cool – nothing that we’ve ever tried before, but still fun nevertheless. Chris Jacques then did some serious head-banging to Rammstein’s Du Hast – much to the enjoyment of all in Year 12, who were remembering the Year 10 formal. . Ash’s council talkback – posted here on YouTube. That pretty much summed up the concert items, so Mr Roberts went to Plan B: Mr Robert’s Lame-O Quiz 3! Well, that was the end. Nothing could have beaten Mr Roberts’s Lame-O quiz. The Apha Chief Warden team – but only after some heated controversy – you CANNOT see the Great Wall of China from the moon!!

Anyway, a rather weird movie Serenity followed, and after that, it was time to go to sleep.

The third day, and it was off to the showers again for those early bird students. A session, morning tea, another session, and then, all too soon, it was time to pack up and leave. We emptied the dorms, we cleaned the gathering space, we packed up our gear and loaded it onto the bus. A quick lunch was followed by a bus leaving early, and that was it, Christian Perspectives 2008 was now over, and the Year 12’s were never to be seen at that camp again…

Anyway, enough of what I thought about camp. I want to know what YOU thought of camp! You know the drill; post all of your comments down below…

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