Jun 01

I don’t know about anyone else ’round here, but i’m pumped for the IPL final tomorrow morning. You want to know why I’m pumped? I am cause I saw some great cricket in the matches played in the Home and Away season. Simple as that.

Some might complain about the timings of the matches. Why should you care? Late friday night and Saturday night matches are OK for most ppl, even during work/school periods. And for those who (like me) are on holidays for some reason, they have no excuse for not watching at least ONE match. That match should be the one on tonight/morning. The Final.

Who doesn’t want to see present and former Australian players among past & present players from other countries? Seriously, come on. Who doesn’t want to see Shane Warne bowl again? Who doesn’t want to see Murali & Dhoni? Unfortunatly, there wasn’t much in the way of competition during the Semi-finals. A 9-wicket win for Chennai (Dhoni’s team) and a 100+ run win to Rajasthan (Warne’s team). At least the final should be good at this rate.

Why complain at all, when you get the chance to see young up-and-coming Indian players shine against good opposition. Guys like Tanvir, who got the most wickets for the H&A season, are worth watching especially in the finals. It is these guys that I feel have made the IPL a success.

Only time will tell if the IPL is a success or failure. But at this rate, it will succeed. It beats watching motor racing or soccer. It is fast-paced. It is exciting. It is interesting. And it is the future of cricket as we know it.

Join me, if you will, in watching tonights/this mornings match. Scheduled start of 0:15 (according to the TV guide) on TDT (direct feed of Ten from Melbourne). And like all the other matches I have watched over the past week, i’ll be having a Woodstock during the match.

Weed out.

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4 Responses to “IPL – Dud or a Success?”

  1. 1. Benny Ling Says:

    And it’s Chris Jacques, kicking off June with some piece about the Indian Premier League – not that I watch it.

    Perhaps I should. Then again, my sleep is important to me, and the day if far too useful to be wasted sleeping…

    Great stuff, Chris!

  2. 2. lvs Says:

    yup ipl was a big success, the numbers say so:

  3. 3. jawapro Says:

    Now – I’m not against Cricket. But “It is fast-paced. It is exciting. It is interesting.” describes Motor Racing and Soccer more.

    I love Bathurst, Dakar, and the WRC. The rest of the worlds sports are pretty much ignored by the likes of me.

    That thing with the skiers doing the ‘jump for cash’ thing is pretty cool though…

  4. 4. Chris Jacques Says:

    Ok, i’ll admit it. I can watch pretty much well every sport you can think of (from cricket to tennis to golf to motor sport etc.). However, I cannot watch Soccer.

    Sorry folks. IMO, everything is better than Soccer. That doesn’t mean that I won’t watch the Aussies play sometimes, I prolly will do that, but I won’t watch much else.

    Don’t turn the comments system into a flaming machine, I thought it might be wise to state this before I report on any other sport.

    (I just got back from holidays, so gimme a little time to settle back down. I am not trying to start a flamewar ;) )