Jun 08

So I’ve been playing CS:Source a lot lately, and one of the best quotes ever went a little like this:

[CT One] “Don’t flash the tunnels!”
[CT Two] “Why not?”
[CT One] “Because I’ll be in there.”

Gold! Which is fair enough, if you’re going to be trying to kill people in the tunnels you DO NOT want to be team-flashed.

CS:Source is great, it really, really is. The Magnum sniper is so powerful it’s not actually funny, check this out:

443 damage in 1 hit

That’s 443 damage in one hit – enough to kill 4 people with one round.

I’m suffering from a complete lack of news at the moment, so I’ll leave it at that for now. My sincerest apologies if you were expecting more.

PS. Two sleeps till the Australian release of the 3G iPhone!

written by Benny Ling at 8:10 pm, Sunday 8 June, 2008 \\ tags: , , , ,

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