Jan 12

First post in a while now…might as well consolidate!

From the last few posts Benny did. This may look really ugly to some readers, but it ties up some loose ends and allows me to start from a ‘clean slate’. From here, ‘you’ is referred to as Benny himself.

Having a rough morning“-
As for Benny’s rough morning, well, I have a special post lined up for that (sooner rather than later).

What is Church?“-
Well, the way the Catholic Church is run is different again…but not as ’strict’ in the sense that you mention. It is really hard to explain, you really have to see it to understand, as its kind of a mix of things.

Bitter Disappointment“-
Seriously, I had nothing else to say on the matter of the CS award. Sure, I was disappointed to not get it, but I think you put in more ‘time & effort’ than myself and the rest of the ‘crew’. The writing was on the wall from last year’s awards ceremony (mind you, I blame Dicky for that, but I’m not bitter about it), and you had previously mentioned your internal results which were the best of the entire class, so the writing was well and truly on the wall.
Oh yeah, thanks for the praise too :)
Hmm you are also sounding like my mum. “You’ll never see them again”. Pfft. I’ve seen most of the crew and contacted a few others in the weeks following the end of school. Mind you, many would not have predicted that ;-)

My neutral responses that night (of the awards) were due to one thing (maybe another, the more I think about it). I had something planned for the very next day, which was far more important than a bloody award on a piece of paper. The very next day (at 10:20AM), I went for my driving test. The reaction after getting that was better than any other bloody award from a “dead-and-buried” (public opinion, folks) school! (Mind you, I was in complete denial for at least 3 days after I got my P’s anyway…). I still can’t believe I managed to keep it a secret for a majority of 7 months. I should work for the NSA (but I hate America, so the point is moot).

Anyway, a better guide of the situation was that I saw my letter from UTAS come in the mail, and it got tossed to the side for a few days. I was waiting on *the* letter: my license! It finally came after a week, and I was very happy that day. I opened the UTAS letter a few days afterwards. I think this best explains the situation for the time on and after the awards night.

TCE results 2008“-
Mine weren’t great, and sure there is an element of jealousy about other scores that I heard of (and some of utter disbelief), but I got into what I wanted, and that’s all that I needed to achieve.
I could say to you the classic saying “Have Faith!”, but I myself only even believed it in the lead up to my driving test…

Merry Christmas, All!“-
Apart from the 1TB HDD, and the splash of alcohol, seafood and meat, my day was spent getting sunburnt, installing Linux kernel 2.6.28 (which was released on Christmas day) and playing cricket in the backyard. Nothing out of the ordinary, but it does mark the first time I have used a kernel the day it was released…so go figure.

TCE Results Reflections“-
That’s not arrogance, that’s over-confidence. And that is a ‘mode’ that I kept telling myself to not ‘be in’ during the SWATVAC period. I knew that could be my undoing…and to a degree, it was (for the CS exam, that is). Mind you, we basically all got the same result from CS anyway…

Happy New Year“-
Yet again, on the laptop at the count of midnight Jan 1. 2009. This time, however, it was running on AC, as the battery in my laptop has shot itself to pieces. The Gnome power manager tells me that it is running at 3% of factory capacity all the time, and the HP battery tester tells me to replace it. Bugger. Oh well, it was a Happy New Year. I question whether or not it could beat the last (for me personally).

Alcohol and a bit of HDTV via MythTV. A nice night.

The Legend of Mr Peterson“-
I hate chain mail. But some can make it amusing (like a good buddy of ours, Shaun V). Insert character names into the ‘unknown’ characters, and it makes for interesting reading!

Freshbytes Fresh update“-
And now back to square 1. Officially.

Yes, Benny is/will be away, and I’m filling the chair for a while. I hope to bring some posts about things that are different to what has been uploaded here before. More cricket and more Linux are two such things on the cards. and a special post may be on the way too…

You’ll have to stick around to find out!


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