Jul 06

So our family has this couch, right. Call it a sofa if you want, call it a “lounge suite”, call it whatever you want. I’m going to be using the terms somewhat interchangeably, so there.

It’s funny – it’s not a particularly attractive couch, and it’s certinaly not very new, or in very good shape. The fabric has come apart in some places, it’s covered in strains from I-don’t-want-to-know-where, and generally, it could do with some new stuffing, or whatever they put in couches these days. Our family and this couch? We go waaaay back, and it shows.

It’s true that we tried to replace the couch with a newer cousin of the leather variety. However, even when we banished the old couch  to the depths of the rumpus room (rumpus, lol), it still managed to find it’s way upstairs into the main living room – no mean feat for a couch, I can tell you.

Everytime an ad for a new lounge suite comes on TV, I think of this couch. Not because the couches on TV are usually ridiculously expensive, or because the ad is really, really poorly designed, but because it’s that sometimes it’s not new things that are the best. This couch, for example? 9 times out of 10, we sit on it in preference to the other, more expensive, newer, leather couch, and I’m not quite sure why – maybe because it’s more convenient? It’s certinaly warmer on the non-leather couch – whoever thought that leather and Tasmanian weather would be a good match was clearly out of their mind…

I suppose it’s not for any sentimental reason – even though we’ve had the couch for some time now, we don’t keep it for that reason. It could be gone tomorrow, and we’d simply move on and start putting some, er, ass-time, if you would, into the new one.

Is it because it’s more comfortable? Possibly. Because it’s just there? Maybe.

I suppose the real answer is that that there is no real answer. Whatever combinations of reasons it could be, there are an equal amount of answers that it couldn’t be.

Like many other things in life, it just is. There’s no reason, no explanation.

And I’m okay with that. :)

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