Apr 14

Oh yeah, FTW!

Once there was 1 great site, then there were many. Now the original great is back!
I mean, The Pirate Bay is cool, but there is only 1 other site that is more awesome…


slashdot article:
actual site:

And so it was. The first tracker I ever used with BT…online once again. Of course, this doesn’t mean that i’m not going to use TPB anymore. I’ll just use both. No more crap torrent search via google for rare stuff, there isn’t a need for it anymore!

Remember that in order to do some stuff, you need to have an account (yes, I have one). Though, if you read the slashdot article, some users are still wary that the whole thing might be a huge setup. I’m going to let the dust settle before I log back in (and change my IP address, thankfully from changing ISP’s).

And thus did my great torrent machine rejoice, for the grand master has returned!


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