Sep 01

If this is a little late appearing on the net, I apologise profusely. For once, it isn’t Chris’ fault as MySQL was down as of 11:01pm AEST, so apologies in advance. If you want to know more, head over to my other site to read all about it.

So I was at Youth Alive last Saturday night – and it was awesome.

The actual event was only half the fun, though. The bus ride up and back was very close to surpassing the actual event itself…

It’s no secret that I’ve been at Calvin for a while now – along with some other select people, I’ve been at Calvin ever since Prep in 1996. That was a while ago now, and while my memories of that period are sketchy at best, I do remember the physical stuff – namely a book that my buddy in Year 6 gave me.

It was entitled “Super (my full name here, haha)” and it was some story about how I managed to save the lives of 3 people, and all that… You know, the typical stuff that 5 year olds dream about. We all want to be superheroes at the age, we’re not obsessed about computers, MSN, or our MySpace/Facebook profiles (if only I had thought of social networking back then, ha!).

What brought me back to this book was our new youth group leader – Annika. One other guy asked her whether she knew his buddy when he was in Prep, and she replied yeah, but his buddy was a grade below her. Adam and I then piped up that she must have been one of our buddies in Prep, seeing as the guy who asked was one grade below us. Well, it turns out she wasn’t one of our buddies, but she was indeed in Year 6 when we were in Prep. She then also made the comment that she put everything into that book, and hoped that her buddy (who is also in Year 12 at Calvin now) still had it.

Well, I still have my book. Last night, I managed to dig out that Superhero Benny book – of course, I wasn’t known as Benny back in those days, only by my full name – but it did remind me of days gone by.

Reading through it, you could definitely tell that it was put together by someone in Year 6, no offence. My sister also has one of these books, made for her by a friend of mine. In terms of graphical quality, hers is definitely better. That’s not to say I’m not appreciative of the effort put into the book, don’t get me wrong. I think it’s an awesome idea, and hope it still goes in in Year 6 today.

However, there are elements in mine which I didn’t think were present at that level – such as the inclusion of a certain someone who I didn’t think I was completely obsessed with, even in Prep. Just goes to show how amazing she must have been in Prep! Not to mention how amazing she still is…

I know there wasn’t much of a message this morning, but comments below if you have any.

Here’s page 7 of the book – one of these days, I’ll put up the whole thing so you can giggle away. Interestingly, page 7 is one of the pages that doesn’t mention anything about my real name, nor does it mention that certain someone. As usual, click on the image to see it full-size.

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