Jul 26

My question to you, ladies and gentlemen, is this: do we suffer from too much mediocrity?

Do we put up with too much crap?

Do we, for want of a better phrase, just not give a stuff when we’re served up a nice pot of mediocre soup?

Do we continue to drink this mediocre soup until it makes us satisfied? CAN we be satisfied from a double dose of mediocrity?

I’m not talking about just have crap stuff, to be honest – more the fact that we’re satisfied with our crap stuff. There’s none of this “ooh, I want something better because of such and such a reason”, there’s none of this “wow, that’s amazing, but what about this” attitude which encourages excellence.

The real question is why we continue to settle for second best. Is nothing good enough for us anymore? Are we all too aware of our own limitations, and, as a result, continually fail to think outside of the box? Is this why we’re always setttling for something that isn’t beyond our wildest dreams?

The answer is simple; by always settling for second best, for always accepting that which is given to us and never questioning how much more we can achieve, it’s no surpise that we haven’t had any great minds of our (present-day) time. It’s no real surprise that we still can’t solve some of our own petty issues, both foreign and domestic. It’s no surpise that our advancement as the human race has been hampered by our constant ability to scorn those who think outside the box.

This post explains quite well the diadvantages of an elite education.

In other news, I saw Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince the other day. It was pretty good – there wasn’t as much magic as I thought there was going to be, and Voldemort himself didn’t make an appearance at all, but it was good nonetheless – a rating of 83 on Rotten Tomatoes, it must be true! ;)

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