Oct 12

So I have this thing about apple juice – especially the local kind. I love it, it’s great.

If you’re not aware, Lucaston apple juice is the best there is. I’ve only found a couple of places that actually sell it, and yeah – it’s not cheap when you buy 330mL of it at some $4 a pop.

If you pop down to Margate to Meredith’s fruit place, you can buy it in relative bulk – $4.40 for 2L, WOW!

However, what I’m here to talk about today is friendship…

So when I was younger (think year 8/9) a couple of the guys from my grade (Dave L, Aidan J, Liam B?) who all lived in blacker’s would all come around, and we’d go biking together. This wasn’t hard-core downhill trailbiking, it was just “get-on-your-bike-and-pedal-around” biking. We never went anywhere in particular, just sorta hung around Blackers and surrounding areas.

There was this one time I remember, though, were we all went to Aidan J’s house and drank his apple juice. His sister wasn’t very happy about it (apparently because it was for their dinner or something) but it was a sign of Aidan’s friendship at the time that he let us drink his apple juice.

Now, I’m not sure how much this means in the grand scheme of things (especially seeing as it was apple juice, for crying out loud), but we were thirsty at the time, and Aidan gave his special dinner-only apple juice when

he could have easily given us water, or told us to go down the the beach to satisfy our thirst.

The fact is, he didn’t – he gave us bona-fide apple juice.

Now I recently went to see Wall-E with another friend. He’s a friend, but also a colleague – he’s an excellent guy.

Now William L and I now have this scheme on Saturdays where we pack our lunch and take it to work, therefore saving the $10 or so dollars that we would normally spend on lunch. Now, Will’s taken that $10 a week and bought a DSLR (a 40D, at that), and I’ve taken it to pay for my iPhone bill :P

Even though we pack our lunch separately, we take it in turns to buy the liquid nourishment. We’ve only just started, and Will was first – can you guess what he bought?

Apple juice? Nope.

If you guessed orange, you would have guessed correct.

There’s a pic of this orange juice below.

I have no idea how I managed to write link apple juice and friends, but hey – it’s tasty, and also informative = win-win.

On to the normal stuff, and I’m totally disappointed that Dean has decided to CAN THE 2008 DIGITAL VIDEO SCAVENGER HUNT for Radi8! Oh noes!
If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check out our video that I posted on YouTube here (or the freshbytes post that contains it here)- otherwise, join me in lamenting the loss of the week…

Juicy comments below, thanks. (Wow – the puns just keep getting better and better around here…)

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4 Responses to “Apple and Orange Juice”

  1. 1. turkeybrain Says:

    Assuming he got that 40D for a reasonable price (say $2400 new, with a 17-85 f/4-5.6 IS USM (sorry, technobabble), that would mean he’s packed his lunch 240 times (assuming $10 is indeed the average amount spent on lunch). Interestingly enough, if you work 5 days a week, this will be take 48 weeks to acomplish. More interesting, if you averaged 2 days a week, you’re $800 (rough figures) iPhoney would have taken 80 days, or 40 weeks.

    Also interesting, that if we have 30 weeks of school each year (it’s something like that), and we were to pack our lunch every day (5 days a week), and save $5.50 (the true amount saved!) that we would, over our whole school life (kinder to 12, and yes, I know we wouldn’t have been buying lunch in kinder, but work with me here) save $11 550. Impessive. Actually, that’s 14 years worth of lunches. That’s not too bad, really. and if it was the expensive $10 lunches, (cos admit it, those pounder meals really cost that much) we would save $21 000. Even more impressive. Not to mention the amount saved on gym membership!

    I’m bored.

  2. 2. Benny Ling Says:

    ^ Wow, obviously.

    Lay off the coffee next time, or whatever you’re drinking.

    Now, what happens if you pack your lunch for your whole life? Think of all the Apple products you could afford… :P

  3. 3. turkeybrain Says:

    Probably about 1.5, knowing how expensive they are!

  4. 4. Aidan Says:

    Hi. Your post Apple and Orange Juice is very interesting for me. My written English is not so good so I write in German: “Lieber den Spatz in der Hand, als die Taube auf dem Dach.” Yours sincerely Thursday Aidan