Jul 11

Guys, the Year 12 Funny Photo was a COMPLETE disaster. So not funny, not funny at all.

Now I understand why they wanted to take the photos again, and Photoshopped the results… The lighting on that day was truly horrible.

For those that are interested, Grace C-A is apparently organising a “real” Year 12 Funny Photo with Mrs Grice – see her for more details.

Otherwise, enjoy the Year 12 Funny Photo. Or not.

Not funny at all...

Hit the pic above to see a bigger version (works for every image on the site), or for those that want to download the full version (4MB), click here.

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Apr 14


School photos are upon us once again.

Got any ideas for what we should do for our funny photo? I’d love to hear from you.

Last year’s Year 12’s had hats. Lets not be that lame this year, alright?

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