Apr 17

Yes, after all the time it took for the Linux kernel guys to do some hacking & patching, kernel 2.6.25 was released last night. The last release before this one, 2.6.24, was released back in January.

I’m not sure of the differences in the versions, but I do know that this release includes the ath5k wireless driver. For those not in the know, ath5k is the Open Source Atheros wireless driver. There are many bug fixes in this release, as found when checking through the Changelog.

It is well noted that the Kernel Devs did not use this release as a ‘new feature’ release. Sure, there may be a few little new features, but as far as I know, the next release (2.6.26) is going to have a few new features worth mentioning.

Check it out anyway, either ’cause you want to be up to date or you like checking out really new stuff (or you want a little cred!).

Links to checkout:


The changelog (word of warning: this will take a little while to load)

Once again, enjoy.

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