Jul 27

…that’s why they call it the present.

So I was watching Kung Fu Panda the other day, you know, the movie about the Panda who is chosen as the “Dragon Warrior” who eventually learns the secret to limitless power and conquers the evil snow leopard, Tai Lung.

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of things that aren’t necessarily the most popular choice. For example, I [still, to this day] listen to Britney Spears – not necessarily because she’s a great human being, but because she’s a great artist. Same goes for any “unpopular” music. I’ll have to admit at this point that I did like Simple Plan for a while – but only because I was into their style of music at the time. I can now proudly say that I no longer like them – but I digress.

I do like children’s movies. Especially those feel-good ones that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Take Over the Hedge, for instance. It’s about a raccoon who uses cunning to lure a small forest family to scavenge food with him, eventually leading him and the forest family into all sorts of trouble.

Today is a gift because everything you do today matters, in some way or form. Pick up that trash, not because you’re too lazy to bend down and pick it up, not because you’re doing it to look ‘cool’, but because in someone’s eyes, you’ve just dropped a couple of points. Drop enough points, and you might just find yourself a nobody.

Anyways, after all the stress of mid-year exams we have just been through, I’d thought I’d come back to posting something a little less un-stressful – the complete explanation to life as we know it.

Just kidding – that’s far too immense a topic to be discussed here. Instead, how about we talk about how exams were? We can all let each other know how we went (results-wise) by the comments system here on freshbytes – sure, your results won’t be private, but you’ll be doing some sort of community service… I think.

The weekend was a little stranger than usual – a bonfire and an 18th. Dean couldn’t manage to light the bonfire with 4 litres of petrol – as you do – and it took the dedicated team of two to finally light it about 15 minutes on. Nathan made an awesome sparkler bomb (some 97 sparklers) which sadly, I don’t have video of. I’ll see if I can scrounge a photo of it or the bonfire later on, and I’ll stick it up here when I do eventually find one. And Dean – not being able to light a fire when you had poured 4 litres of petrol on it? And then trying to light it again (this time, with more petrol) and almost blowing ourselves up? Lesson learned: petrol + fire is fun! :D

Congrats to Shaun V for the 18 – hope your CRF (Car Replacement Fund) got a well-deserved boost.

Meanwhile, I’ve left the best Radi8 digital scavenger hunt till last – my team. Of course, we won, but that was just to be expected! I’ve FINALLY learnt how to center youtube vids, so here it is – starring Adam v S, Benny L, Jillian H and Karla V doing some seriously insane stuff. What on earth were we thinking?! Enjoy.

One last thing: I’ve lauched a new website. If you want to know the address, just talk to me at school, and try not to spread it around too much – thanks.

Once again, enjoy – comments below.

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