Apr 12

Well, we’ve (unofficially) decided to have a weekly gaming session.

No, you don’t have to bring your computers to some obscene location in the middle of nowhere; you don’t have to pay for anything, no, these gaming sessions are from the comfort of your own home!

So, if you have nothing to do from the hours of 8pm-12am on a friday night, then come join us. We’ll probably be on GamingSA CZ #2.

Join us on Weed’s TeamSpeak server, and we can chat on there while we’re gaming!

Get a client here, and join weedman.isa-geek.org as your TeamSpeak server. For more info, contact us.

We own.

-=(NoSpoon)=- FTW!

Happy camping,

The -=(NoSpoon)=- Tassie gaming clan.

written by Benny Ling at 3:13 pm, Saturday 12 April, 2008 \\ tags: , , ,

9 Responses to “-=(NoSpoon)=-”

  1. 1. Chris Jacques Says:

    I know that you ae talking about my place ‘in the middle of nowhere’.

    I just know it.

  2. 2. shauny Says:

    ill come when i can get to martys and when works not on. so get ready to have dessert served to you on a spoon

  3. 3. shauny Says:

    hey benny wheneva you read this please fix the problem with siftheads. it doesnt seem to be working. also see if you can get some cool games of stickpage.com wik. shauny out.

  4. 4. Benny Ling Says:

    Yeah, I will.

    Just got to get around to doing it. Apparently, Madness Interactive isn’t working at the moment either, so we’re gonna have to fix that too :p

    EDIT: Done. I’ve added a couple of games, too! Play them here.

  5. 5. shauny Says:

    thanks mate! good games! see if you can find some more. the more chioice the better! lol

  6. 6. Benny Ling Says:

    Shaun, this isn’t a place to discuss the games.

    By all means, please, make a topic in the forums and we can discuss it there!


  7. 7. shauny Says:

    hey boys ((ns)) is a scream. but theres only like 6 or 7 of us! somehow we need to get some more players. its all nice and fun only having a few of us on a server, but if we can get more we can almost out use the server of just run our own. that way no matter what it’ll ((ns)) vs ((ns)) with some other ppl just rolling in wheneva… dunno just a thought to get some more gamers….=more fun for us original 6 and cause we’ve ben playing longer…. game hard!

  8. 8. Benny Ling Says:

    I agree with what Shaun said – I know that GameArena allow you to “hire” servers…But they’re Telstra, so enough said!

    Shaun, you can now post comments on pages (so the left hand side pages) as well as in posts. Maybe we should move all the NoSpoon discussion to the NoSpoon page?

  9. 9. shauny Says:

    yep ok mate sounds good. if i have anything to say ill go to that page.