May 11

There’s this joke among geeks…

It goes along the lines of a [proud] geek wearing a t-shirt that says something along the lines of “Keep out of direct sunlight“, or “The sun is trying to kill me!” – with the latter being modeled by Jawapro/Headless Moron at a recent 18th – congrats Martin.

Obviously, the joke plays on the fact that geeks are usually people that stay indoors for long periods of time, don’t have a varied social life, and all that kind of stuff.

The thing is – geeks are people too! Just like that little old lady walking across the street, like those bogans who are very clearly stoned and walking in the middle of the road of a busy highway, and exactly like those people who serve you at the Coles checkout, they all deserve your respect like any other people you might come across in the street. Oh, well maybe not the bogans…

The point is, you can’t go around abusing people just because they look different to you, smell different, taste different, talk different, or can’t sing as well as you can. What you’ve got to realise is that you’re unique, but the problem is that everyone else is as well… Until you accept the fact that people are different to you, you won’t be able to stop judging them over the most petty things you can possibly think of – how they talk, how they walk, how they look everyday at school, the list goes on…

The fact that you’re reading this post right now is testament to the ingenuity of the human race, regardless of colour, race, religion, monetary status, or any other method that we size each other up by, and yet strive so hard to achieve.

The fact of the matter is – we’re all different, so you better get used to it. The sooner, the better!

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5 Responses to “Keep out of direct sunlight!”

  1. 1. turkeybrain Says:

    However, apparently it’s now becoming socially acceptable in some communities to get what somebody else has that you don’t have with force. Or so it seems to me…

  2. 2. Benny Ling Says:

    “Socially acceptable” would be stretching it by a huge amount; to me, that’s still stealing.

  3. 3. Jawapro Says:

    It has a second relevance to me – I hate the heat (and therefore the sun).

    So is the point of this post that the shirts are a bad thing because it’s saying that people are different?

  4. 4. turkeybrain Says:

    Well, I’ve got to say, that I agree that it’s stealing, and I don’t think it should be socially acceptable, but in some communities and groups it’s a way of life. You may not like it, but that is how it can be. I don’t like it at all. Think The Friday, and you will understand what I mean a bit better. People who don’t know of “The Friday”, really don’t worry about it. This is a rant of anger.

  5. 5. Benny Ling Says:

    Jawapro – it’s not about the shirts! It’s about the respect (or lackthereof) that geeks receive. And why? Just because they’re different! You don’t see blondes getting abused (in the same way- we all know they’re really smart…) because they’re blonde, do you?

    turkeybrain – as long as they anger is channelled into good things, you’re alright. Please, don’t post here if you’re angry!