Oct 05

I’ve seen Definitely, Maybe (IMDB) and it’s a great movie.

I asked a friend if he’d seen it, and he said yes. I then asked him if he thought if he thought it was a chick flick, and he also said yes.

Now I’m not sure where this post is going – but I’m definitely sure that Definitely, Maybe is one of those “feel-good” movies that everyone can enjoy.

Running out of inspiration here, so I’ll just wrap it up…

Radi8 on Friday was awesome. I haven’t been to Woody’s Skate Center in quite a while (at least 3 or 4 years) so it was a little tricky at first. After an hour or so, I was blasting around the track :D

Speaking of Woody’s, I haven’t been there in such a long time – and they’ve completely revamped that place! They now have a fully-fledged LAN centre – all their cases are Antec 900’s (awesome, btw. If I was building my own gaming rig that would be my case of choice, so awesome it is) and they all have widescreen LCDs. Stephen M in particular was totally enthused by the computers, and tried to rope me into gaming with him for an hour.

Gee I was tempted (at $4/hour, which isn’t bad) but I knew that Radi8 was for me to *shock horror* socialise!

Ah well. All in all, it was fairly good night, what with mega smoke machines and laser thingo’s and whatnot, but yeah.

This week’s song for the week is Trouble, by Shampoo (iTMS). This brings me way back (well, I think I heard it when I was really, really young) and I recently heard it again, sung by Joe who drove me and some other guys to Woody’s.

In other news, there are 4 weeks of school left forever.

It’s scary.

I don’t want to leave – it’s not like I haven’t been at Calvin for long enough, but it’s genuinley scary to think that I’m probably never going to see Calvin. I’ll certainly never have the satisfaction of getting my brain crammed full of educational things like “but(t) fields” (ask Year 12 Physics for that one)…

One of these days, I’ll dig out a class photo from Prep so you can see us all… and laugh mercilessly.

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